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25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCEA team of engineers
OVER 300 PROJECTSWe covered over a million square metres
TRANSPARENT CONTRACTSOur clients coming back with new investments
EFFICIENT COMMUNICATIONFrom concept to finish structure

The roof is made of cold-formed, Z-shape steel purlins, to which profiled steel panels are attached. The steel purlins are galvanised on both sides with a zinc layer with a total thickness of 275 g/m² (Z-275). The roof panels are coated with a zinc-aluminium alloy on both sides. They are attached using self-tapping screws furnished with neoprene washers to avoid leakage. A self-adhesive, non-drying sealing tape is applied in all the overlapping areas both lengthways and crossways.


The insulation consists of glass fiber insulation blankets with a thickness of 150 - 250 mm. On the inside, the insulation blankets have a damp insulation layer of polyethylene (PE) film with a thickness of 0,2 mm


From the inside, profiled steel panels are applied to the roof purlins. The panels are zinc-coated on both sides. The visible side is coated with a polyester layer, usually in a white colour. The rear side is coated with a primer in a light grey colour.

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