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Among the trends in the modern industrial construction industry, one may notice the revival of reinforced-concrete structures in facilities built for special purposes. The most important advantage is their natural fire resistance, i.e. the ability of a facility to meet given requirements fire resistance, tightness and insulation within a given period of time, and these requirements may apply to all of these features or only one of them. Fire resistance may be a feature of a building element or its structure (walls, ceilings, beams).

Ocmer specialises in the comprehensive design, delivery, assembly and general contracting of reinforced-concrete production, storage and logistics halls. Interesting architecture in conjunction with functionality of the facilities results in our services being highly praised by our clients from all over Poland.

One such project, ordered by TME Sp. z o.o., was a reinforced-concrete hall structure to be used as an electronic parts warehouse in Łódź. Ocmer was responsible for constructing the foundations, floor bedding and the flooring itself, as well as the delivery and assembly of a reinforced-concrete hall structure of a total usable area of 5,100 m2. The hall load-bearing structure was constructed from prefabricated reinforced-concrete pillars and beams. The ceilings were made of SPB - 2002 hollow core slabs of a total load of 10 kN/m2 including a usable load of 5kN/m2. All prefabricated elements retain their natural concrete colour.

The roof frame consists of concrete roofing tiles. The vapour barrier for the roofing tiles was provided by means of 0.2 mm PE film. The barrier was covered with EPS 100 polystyrene foam panels (thickness 150 mm) and 120 g/m2 glass fabric to provide thermal insulation. The internal layer consists of a PVC membrane in a standard colour (thickness 1.2 mm). This system is classified as a fire retardant system.

Learn more about the TME, Łódź investment project and client's references.

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