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Steel structure halls – Ocmer

The Ocmer construction company manufactures steel structure halls, for manufacturing and warehousing purposes. The company belongs to the Dutch Janssen de Jong Group, which also incorporates its sister company, Remco - a leading European manufacturer of steel structure halls featuring light walling.

Steel structure halls - types

The steel structure halls offered by Ocmer are used both by individual investors and enterprises. The list of completed projects includes:

  • steel structure manufacturing halls;
  • storage halls;
  • logistics halls;
  • commercial halls;
  • steel structure halls for trade fairs;
  • steel structure halls for vehicle service stations;
  • steel structure sports halls;
  • steel structure halls used as fruit sorting plants.

Steel structure halls – structure

Ocmer steel structure halls are constructed based on Remco technology

This system features light hall structures and large spacing between columns (up to 80 m), which facilitates optimal customisation of column spacing to meet the investor's individual needs. The Remco system also allows for different interior arrangements:

  • steel structure halls with a two-storey office space in the form of a mezzanine;
  • single-bay steel structure halls;
  • multi-bay halls;
  • steel structure halls customised for under-crane beams and winches;
  • steel structure halls with single-pitch roofs;
  • steel structure halls with double-pitch roofs.

Steel structure halls - advantages

A growing number of Polish enterprises are investing in light steel structure halls to further their economic activities, based on the advantages provided by such structures.

  • steel structure halls are relatively attractive in terms of pricing, which makes them affordable for numerous companies;
  • steel structure halls can be used for different purposes (industry, commerce, logistics, services, etc.);,
  • steel structure halls are designed in a manner ensuring easy customisation to meet the individual client's needs;
  • steel structure halls can be delivered in a relatively short period of time, i.e. the basic structure may be ready within 30 days;
  • steel structure halls ensure easy and, as a result, profitable operation.

Steel structure halls - examples

See examples of steel structure halls provided by Ocmer. These projects illustrate different hall structures and utilization methods.

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