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Our constructions are made of high quality materials with special emphasis on each detail in terms of aesthetics of the product.

  • The basic outer shell of a REMCO hall is made of trapezoid steel sheets. The sheets are zinc and aluminium coated on both sides which gives them a lasting anticorrosive protection. The zinc-galvanized wall panels are additionally coated with polyester paint in colours to give the facade a pleasing aesthetic appearance.
  • In the REMCO system, the roof and wall insulation consists of fibreglass blankets which are covered on the outside with a damp proof layer with an attractive texture. This solution makes it possible to install the outer layer quickly. Moreover, the layer provides very good sound absorbing characteristics.
  • The designed halls and umbrella roof constructions can be optionally fitted with arch or flat skylights. At the customer’s request, the presented solution can be modified to meet individual needs, by using sandwich panels for instance.

Load-bearing structure

  • Efficient use of steel.
  • Wide spans with no internal supporting columns.


  • Good thermal and acoustic characteristics.
  • A range of layers of different types and thickness.


  • Steel plates applied on the internal and external walls.
  • A whole range roof and wall constructions.

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